About Us

Mission Statement

As a professional natural hairstylist, it is important for the products you’re using to work with you, not against you, especially when it comes to natural hair. This line of hair care products can be used for more than just hair. They each work as full-body products, AND they are all 100% natural products that actually work!


In 1995 I had the honor and privilege of working, as an apprentice, with Somari Toure at Africentrics Salon on Howard Street. There I was taught how to not only cut hair but how to cultivate locs. He would use what he called his “special oils.” I later was taught that Lanolin was an excellent product for natural hair. Lanolin is the wax that forms the hair of sheep wool. It is cruelty-free and adapts well to naturally curly hair textures. At that time there were literally no products to speak for the cultivation and maintenance of locs and natural hairstyles. Beeswax was not water-soluble and gels were drying and flaking.

When I relocated to California in 1996 to start my family, I realized there were no products available for natural hair stylists or individuals that really worked as well as what we used in the salon, Africentrics, in Baltimore. After getting permission from my mentor, Somari Toure, I decided to start with making the cream, based in lanolin, and market it locally and nationally to stores and stylists.

Princess Kayla’s Products was launched in 1997 to meet a growing market demand for dreadlocks and natural hair care products. The flagship brand, Princess Kayla’s Nattylocks Cream, has enjoyed distribution in hundreds of salons and retailers and has been used by thousands of dreadlocks and natural hair care consumers.

The business was originally started to provide a vehicle of self-sufficiency for my children. My dream was that one of them would take it over and now it’s being realized! Welcome to Renee’s Natty Naturals!